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Play Responsibly

Keep Your Game Grounded

We’re reminding you to keep your game grounded. To learn more about what it means to play responsibly, see below:

Top Tips for Responsible Play
  • Setting a limit of time and money spent gambling 

  • Not gambling to escape feelings of anxiety, stress or depression 

  • Knowing where to get help for gambling problems (see resources below)

  • Not gambling with money that is needed to pay bills 

  • Knowing that minors are prohibited from gambling


If gambling of any kind is a problem for you or someone you know, here are resources to inform and help you:


*Standard text rates may apply.

New York’s Responsible Gaming Program

The New York State Gaming Commission is recognized by the World Lottery Association as North America’s only gaming regulator to earn Level Four Responsible Gaming Certification for incorporating Responsible Gaming principles into its daily operations across all divisions, including the New York Lottery. The world-class certification also recognizes the commission’s commitment to continuous improvement.


The Lottery’s Responsible Gaming Program embodies the Agency’s commitment to providing individuals on both sides of the Lottery sales counter with information they need to make informed decisions about the products they buy and sell.


Elements of our award-winning Responsible Gaming Program include:

  • Communicating Responsible Gaming strategies and tactics to the Lottery’s network of 17,000+ retailers via in-house newsletter

  • Equipping Lottery retailers with the means to place Problem Gambling messaging directly and discreetly in the hands of at-risk customers

    • Incorporating Responsible Gaming messaging with Lottery game information and winner stories via the Lottery’s statewide network of promotional (ESMM) screens in retail locations.

    • Writing, producing, and distributing Responsible Gaming Public Service Announcements focusing on the three tenets of our world-class Responsible Gaming Program: Informed Decision Making, Transparency, and Harm Minimization

    • Creating and managing the nation’s broadest Voluntary Self-Exclusion program allowing individuals to ban themselves from all forms of legal gambling available in New York State.

    • Maintaining an informational page at NY.Gov/NYResponsibleGaming to provide users with information they need to make informed decisions about their Lottery play, which includes a confidential Problem Gambling Self-Assessment Tool.

    • Publicizing the Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services’ toll-free help line number (1-877-8-HOPE-NY) at retail, on play cards and terminal tickets, on all instant Scratch-Off tickets, on every Video Lottery gaming machine, and on signage at each gaming facility

  • Providing links to the State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services, the New York Council on Problem Gambling, and Gamblers Anonymous on the New York Lottery website.

  • Collaborating with the State Office of Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Services on outreach and awareness programs to prevent youth gambling.

    • Furnishing Lottery terminals with barcode readers which enable retailers to verify a player's age from a New York State driver's license.

  • Training regional sales staff on problem gambling awareness.

  • Producing guidelines for our Video Lottery Gaming facilities on the establishment of Responsible Gaming Programs, including the establishment of subject matter training for employees and self-exclusion programs.

  • Conducting quarterly reviews of all Problem Gambling Plans in effect at Video Lottery Gaming facilities.

  • Reviewing the Problem Gambling programs in other states to assess industry best practices for incorporation into New York’s program as needed.

  • Working with statewide business organizations to standardize age-verification practices for Lottery and other age-restricted products available at retail.

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