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Stunning Media Results With MIMO HUB

7/18/2021 We Have team up with HongKong Wireless for our future needs , they are hiring ,if you would like to join them ,please text your email address to 212-680-0112,if your device is already disconnected please use other phone to call us , you will receive new sim & number via HongKong Wireless.

7/17/2021 Last Call for all leased device to be returned . Your paycheck will mail out in 2-3 days .We will begin to deactivate devices via Google Device Manage at Monday 7/19/2021.

All Used Device is now on 50% off .Please come to location to make purchase.

7/13/2021 7/19 will be last day to return your device /tablet/phones,if you havn't mail it out today ,please mail it out asap,again DO NOT mail back your PPE ! NO alcohol bottle is allow in shipping box.

7/5/2021 All Freelance please return your device (laptop/Tablet/Phones/Tickets) to store location, as we discussed last week No-cost termination agreement, if you can't come in person, please mail if back with our ups account(NO PPE & Ticket Box).Your monthly lease fee and ticket deposit will be mail back to you in 2-3 days. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

7/2/2021 Great Job team,we have a great Q2 sales.


7/1/2021 Welcome to Q3! We are going to be Auditing again, and will need your assistance in making sure that we are ready to deliver outstanding scores.

6/30/2021 Covid-19 Open Letter to all freelancer.

6/30/2021 Covid-19 delta variant is uprising , Do not approach any customer without N95/KN95 mask,to avoid any possible lawsuit,using hand sanitizer all the time.

6/28/2021 Due to incensement of device request, Any freelance with

expired device please return to office or we will charge $5-$40 per device per months , If your lost your laptop or (tablet) or iPhone, please call us ,we will mark it as lost to prevent furniture charges.

6/25/2021 iPhone to HDMI adapter has arrived, 25ft of HDMI cable also available to pickup .(If your accessories is broken please take a picture send back to office number, there is no need to bring it back)

6/11/2021 Reserve your DJ equipment / Laptop / iPhone/w HDMI via online portal, will be available soon. As little $0.50/Day* .


5/29/2021 Our New Touch less Vending Unit has                        installed. 

5/25/2021 Our New DJ Light Has arrived .

5/21/2021 Our New ATM Has arrived.

5/20/2021 Our Music Streaming is Change to 


4/19/2021 Indoor Gaming is now open with 50% ,No More Than 30 Guest.


4/11/2021 Guest entertainment equipment has been ordered will be available soon

4/5/2021 Touch less vending machine will be installed soon.

3/21/2021 All of our works is in progress of taking covid 19 vaccine second shot. Indoor Gaming will be back soon.

3/15/2021 Begin Google mobile device management(MDM) trial 

3/11/2021 Online Shop Online Testing . No items yet

3/10/2021 Booking is back online , max 1 person for each booking ,no more than 8 people per location.

3/9/2021 Due to recent robbery & social distancing rules, we will begin to use close loop CCTV as of today,including but not limited to advanced facial recognition,you will be photographed as soon as you enter our location ,Data will store over cloud for 30 days,by entering our location you agree with our terms and conditions . DO NOT ENTER if you DO NOT AGREE.

3/8/2021 Fully vaccinated people may visit our private lounges  at first come first serve basis,no booking needed(Membership required) Team hub is open for group less than 3.Must wear a mask.
COVID-19 Updates

COVID-19 is still spreading, even as the vaccine is here. Wear a mask, social distance ,keep you and your family safe . All of our retail store visit required wear mask, if you do not have a mask ,please ask staff for assistance, Our private lounges for club members are closed due to New York City restrictions.

7/19/2021 If your device data is not working or you would like to join their part time job ,please call hong kong wireless at 7182606550. 

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